Disrupting The Way Data is Processed

The Leading Provider of Advanced Spatial Data Analytics

We are disrupting the way data is processed. By eliminating offshore teams, increasing reliability, and providing immediate answers, we enable our customers to quickly access the health and risk of critical assets immediately, reliably, and affordably.

Machine Learning that’s Not Artificial

We work with the latest advancements in machine learning and computer vision technology to turn billions of LiDAR points and optical sensor data into powerful insights. Our goal is to provide the world’s most scalable Machine Learning platform to enable asset owners to create digital twins of their entire networks to rapid identify change, risk, and reduce time to action. We are tackling the data challenge.

Our Customers Have:

reduction in time to action

reduction in costs

Our Markets:

Electrical Utility

Automated network analysis and risk assessment of powerline utility corridors. Create 3D digital twins of entire networks rapidly from point cloud datasets.

Urban Planning

Detailed urban analysis of from vehicle-based sensors. Automatically identify and vectorize dozens of urban features allowing precise planning of infrastructure, construction, and impact assessment.


Plan fiber and wireless 5G infrastructure accurately with detailed analysis of poles, obstructions, and features to maximize customer coverage.

How it Works

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Unclassified sensor data is uploaded to the SpatialData secure cloud.

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Our Machine Learning algorithm automatically processes the data to identify the objects.

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A complete digital twin of the entire area is created for visualization and analysis.

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Risks or areas of concern are automatically analyzed for immediate action.

Key Benefits

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Reduce your time to action to hours instead of weeks.

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Lower your costs by reducing or eliminating manual labour.

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Scale your business to the next level. We can analyze entire networks spanning terabytes of data.

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Keep your data secure with local or regional servers.

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